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Today we celebrate that our Brand is 10 years old. 10 years full of wise choices and happiness and also some mistakes but overall full of incredible moments and with the aim to go on improving.

In 2009 we were born thanks to our founders. Two young valencians entrepreneurs, closely connected to the world of football, launched our brand into the market. Special and unique t-shirts that send a clear message “firmly linked to the football world. A message of leadership: you can choose your way and lead your life. You captain your life

That is why our motto is to “captain your life”. People, who wear th3Choice are people who fight through adversities and with our captain’s tied around their arm, face life’s challenges as a captain in a team faces an opponent.             

All of us have the choice of what we want to happen in our life and that is why, we always support our own principles. The principles of th3choice are clear and positive, about self – improvement and fair play. All together, in a team, we can achieve our goals but with good values which must be our main foundation.

If you have never worn our clothes, for sure you have heard about our legendary t-shirts. Made with love, and loved by our customers. However, you have worn our t-shirts, you are surely still wearing them today.

To celebrate our 10 anniversary we are going to launch a new edition of our most iconic t-shirts which have been most popular with our customers. So you can feel, whether for the first time, or again the sensation of wearing our most memorable t-shirts.

This selection of t-shirts will allow you to travel back to those years. If you couldn’t get one before, now you can. These t-shirts tell a story, but you choose which version you prefer. You have the Choice.